6’3 Slave Master

You wake up to find yourself laying on the ground in the woods and you have no recollection of how you got there to begin with. You slowly stand up but it hurts, you look down to see your left ankle is bruised. You start to slowly walk despite your bruised ankle to try to find a way out of these woods. You hear multiple howls and you feel a surge of anxiety. You begin to pick up the speed but it still feels like you’re not making any progress. You yell for help but you strain your voice and it only comes out as a whisper. You check your pockets for your phone to call someone, but your phone is dead. You start to just endure the pain and begin walking despite not knowing where to go.

After walking for what seemed like an eternity, you stop because you see a tall shadowy figure in the distance. You wave to try to get their attention but they don’t respond. You continue waving at them until you hear the sound of a whip cracking. The whip-crack causes you to stumble to the ground in fear. The figure in the distance continues to crack their whip while slowly walking towards you. You get up to try to run away as fast as you can but your ankle holds you back. You still continue to endure the pain so you can escape. You trip over a fallen tree branch and all you can do is writhe in pain and agony. At this point, you give up and accept whatever happens next. The shadowy figure comes closer to you and you get a good look at him. It is a tall black man with scars across his face. He grips his whip tightly in his right hand and holds his gun in the left. You look up to see him grinning menacingly and you can only cry and feel pain. He only utters the words, “fear me” as he raises his whip against you. You close your eyes bracing yourself for your impending death.

You wake up once more but this time you’re in a field and the sun shines bright. Your left ankle is still bruised but it doesn’t hurt as bad as before. A shadow falls over you. “Get up,” they say. You stand up to see many people working on what seems to be a plantation. “Where am I?” you ask. The man in front of you laughs at you and you can only stand there in confusion. His voice sounds familiar. You look up in fear to see the same face that you saw in those woods. The face of a black slave master.

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