A Dream From the Ashes

In a dark and dreary land, an old man stands below a mountain in a black world. With no memories every day he struggles to survive as he hides from the dark “silhouettes” that call this place home. Hiding from these beings, fervently tries to survive, all the while trying to battle the fierce fear that wages in his heart. With no memory of his past he is haunted by the unknown reality that he faces. “Now how did this all come to?” you may ask.

Well it all started after the first outbreak of the Skeppr disease. Named after the first person diagnosed with the disease, it toppled the VR industry completely. It was essentially brain cancer formed after continuous exposure to hidden radiation in the VR devices. The huge corporate ReBirth empire disappeared along with all its affiliates as the global economy tanked on an unforeseen scale. 

The manager/CEO of the company suffered from severe depression as a result and soon later fell into a coma, leaving his family in disarray. The world he is in now is his dream, fragments of his nightmares and fears turned into semi reality.

As he sinks into despair, he curls up and his memories slowly return. They say that memories are what make a man. At first when he had received his memories he wasn’t in shock as you would expect but he was motionless. “I was able to do such things,” he thought. “I wasn’t afraid?”. These words echoed through his mind and gave him hope. Enough hope to finally come out of his shell of fear and oppression. And when he came out of hiding and into the open, he saw the phantom clearly, wisps of shadow not able to do much on their own, disappearing when confronted. In short nothing more than inconveniences. And with this realization his entire world broke apart. Because it was created from his imagination his physiology and mental state greatly influenced it. And with his imaginary world destroyed, he awoke, ready to rebuild his life.

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