A Lone Lilac in a Sunflower Field

I walked aimlessly through the field of tall golden grass. Hidden in the mix of grass blades were sunflowers of various sizes. Most of them were taller than me. I picked a few for my room that were an appropriate size, and tied them with a red ribbon from my hair. My hair unraveled out of its braid as I walked through the field some more. Soon I decided that I was gone for long enough and headed back to the castle. I walked up to the gate and the guards and tried to hand each of them a flower, only one of them took it. He was very nice and was the youngest guard in the castle. “Th-thanks Lilac” he stuttered. “You’re welcome,” I said warmly and smiled. The gate opened and I walked through, I heard the other guard start bickering, he said something like “Don’t talk to the princess directly!” I heard the young guard start apologizing excessively. I assume they thought I was already out of earshot.
 I kept walking some more and put my hood up. The rest of the town thinks it’s necessary to bow whenever I walk even near the village. I didn’t enjoy it. I got out of the village and walked up the winding path to the castle. I took off my hood, and walked slowly, holding the sunflowers with one hand. It was always nice to walk without anyone near you. You can hear the trees swaying that way. I’ve always loved walking through the forest. That’s actually where I found my most recent pet. I found a cat just outside the kingdom hiding in a small hole in the side of a hill. He looked scrawny and tired so I gave him some of my food from my bag. I think he liked me a lot and followed me all the way back to the castle. Or maybe it was just because I still had some food. But ever since then he’s stayed in the castle, sleeping on high shelves and putting the maids in a frenzy since he loves knocking all the vases and plates and stuff off shelves. When I got near the castle, the door had already been opened. The guards must have already seen me walking up the mountain. There go my plans of scaring one of the guards today.
I walked up the red-carpeted stairs to my room. My bedroom is in the east tower, it’s been that way ever since I was born. I walked past the kitchen and smelled cookies. I backed up and dropped my sunflowers in a nearby vase and walked into the kitchen. It was kind of deserted in there so I swooped by a pan of cooling cookies and picked a few up. I started eating one while I walked out of the kitchen. “Hey!” I heard one of the cooks yell. I turned my head to see that she was across the kitchen where the cookies were. I shoved another cookie in my mouth looking directly at her then ran towards my room, remembering to pick up my flowers as I went by. I just barely missed knocking over the vase as a grabbed them. I swiftly ran up the stairs that were right next to the entrance of the kitchen. I got to the platform on top and looked back. The cook was just outside the entrance, she looked disheveled and tired. She sighed and decided to give up. I turned back around and headed to my room. I walked up the tall staircase and the seemingly endless hallway until I finally got to my room. I opened its oak door and stepped through. I saw my cat sleeping peacefully on my bed. I dropped my flowers in a vase on my vanity and filled it with water from a pitcher I’ve had in my room for a while. I basically threw the cookies into an empty drawer in my bedside table and sat down on the side of my bed. I fell back and sprawled my arms out. The cat was just out of reach for it to be comfortable, so I stopped trying to pet him. It wasn’t the most exciting day, but it beats staying in the castle. I was really tired for some reason. I fell asleep listening to my cat purr.

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