Adventure of a Lifetime

It is the year 2041 and the world has safely recovered from the corona-virus for some years now which left with a huge impact on humans. People are thriving and everyone has started new hobbies and life on earth has changed for the better. Somewhere in America, there is a young adult named Trevor. Trevor lives a normal life in the city of Atlanta, Georgia with a well-paying job, good friends, and a nice apartment he calls home. Trevor had started photography as a new hobby and was really good at it too. When the virus had officially been terminated Trevor wanted to do everything he could not have done in quarantine. He had saved up some money at the time and put it towards what he wanted to do after this virus ended; which was to travel the world. So, he spent a week looking at places to travel and getting the proper needs for his travels. Another week passes by and Trevor is ready and very excited to begin a once in a lifetime adventure. His first stop is New York, USA. He visited The Statue of Liberty, went to Times Square, and enjoyed the food as well. He also took lots of pictures to which he would later post on social media. His next stop was around the world in Paris, France. He visited The Eiffel Tower and The Louvre Museum. He really embraced the french history and culture and greatly enjoyed it. After visiting France Trevor traveled to Italy. There he saw the Roman Colosseum and the Roman Forum. He was amazed by the architecture and culture of Ancient Rome. He bought himself a little Statue of David as a souvenir. His last stop was to Japan. In Japan, he was very impressed by their culture there and how they have continued the traditions of Ancient Japan. There he tried many interesting foods and traditions. After all the traveling, Trevor decided to go back home and return to his normal life. All the pictures he took from his travels we very popular on social media. So he decided to sell them and start his hobby of photography and take more seriously. After making some money from that, he decided to buy a dog who would be his best friend for a long time.

The End

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