Deja Vu

There was an unusual chill in the air and wind blew through Ashlyn’s short, frizzy hair as she waited at the bus stop. It arrived at school and by lunch, she was already wishing it was the weekend again, and she got a sense of Deja Vu. When the day ended and she got home, she couldn’t believe it was still Monday. She did some homework, then watched some tv, and did a little more homework when she got another feeling of Deja Vu. When her parents got home, they made dinner. While they ate, her parents talked about their days at work and Ashlyn talked about her day at school and how she kept feeling Deja Vu. 

After her chores, she went in her room, called her friends, read some of her book, and… felt Deja Vu again. She was starting to get annoyed, which was a feeling she never thought Deja Vu would give her. That night, she had a weird dream. She saw a face. It was a woman’s face and Ashlyn didn’t know her at all. Then she got a terrible headache, and when she woke up, her head still hurt. She took some medicine and laid back down. 

A few days went by normally, and Thursday came. As Ashlyn walked to the bus stop, she had Deja Vu again. She stumbled back and almost hit her head on the concrete. She got to school, and by lunch, she was getting paranoid. She swore she could hear voices mumbling in her head “Stop right there!…” “No, that’s okay I’ve got it…” Was she still dreaming? That would make this all make sense… And she heard alarms going off… Then she was back in her normal math classroom. 

After school on the way home, she told her friends about that weird dream she had during class. “Um, you never fell asleep in Math.” said Dakota, eyeing her. She heard the voices again… They were louder than before… “Let go of me!”… Instead of going home, she went to the library to figure out if something was wrong with her. She looked at books, and searched on websites, but found nothing. She had been at the library for hours when her mom called her to tell her to come home. She took out a couple of the books and put the rest away, then headed home. 

Part 2

That weekend, Ashlyn spent a lot of time in her room, trying to figure out what was happening. She tried not to bring her friends or her parents into it, they already thought there was something off with her. 

That night when she went to sleep, she had another dream. Her mom was running… where was she going?… 

The next day, Ashlyn ran as fast as she could to the library and grabbed one of the books about Deja Vu. She flipped through the pages and one of the librarians caught her reading it.

“Interesting book, huh?” she asked. Ashlyn nodded. “You know I’ve read theories that Deja Vu is just a sign that humans can see the future.” Ashlyn nodded again, then looked up. She kind of wanted to laugh, then thought this would actually be an explanation for all this. Not a very reasonable or realistic one, but an explanation nevertheless. Ashlyn asked the librarian about what she read and she told her how Deja Vú could just be the dreams we don’t remember, coming to life.

Ashlyn researched this theory and she found a book called “Seeing and the future and Deja Vu: They’re connected” After reading it through, she decided she might as well test out the theory. When she got ready for bed that night, she put a pad of paper and a pen on her nightstand. Every time she had a dream, she wrote it down immediately. The next day 1 of her dreams actually happened. The day after that, 2 of them did. She kept a notepad in her pocket as well, and whenever she had visions, she took note of them. 

After time, all of her dreams and visions became realities. She started to figure out how to control it, to have the visions when she wanted to, instead of at random times. 

Weeks passed and she saw more visions. One day she had a strangely specific dream. She was at the mall with her parents… there was a woman, the same woman as her dream before… she had a pair of earbuds… she dropped them and they fell on the floor… her dad picked them up and put them back on the shelf but they fell… they fell into her mom’s purse… they were about to leave the mall… … the mall alarms were going off… 

And her mom was calling her for breakfast. Ashlyn couldn’t focus on anything else besides that dream she’d had. She hadn’t had one dream so far that didn’t end up coming true. Were her parents going to get arrested? “Ashlyn! For the third time, the bus is here!” her mom said, tapping her on the head with her book. Her focus never came back, and she got yelled at multiple times by her teachers. 

The dream she had was stressing her out and she couldn’t stop thinking about it. She barely talked and just sat staring into space most of the time. Every time her parents offered to take her to the mall, she refused. She wasn’t going to let this vision come true. Ultimately, she couldn’t stop them from going. The least she could do was catch the headphones before they fell in her moms bag. 

Once they got there she made sure to pay attention to any details about the store they were in in her dream. She kept walking with her parents until they entered the store from her vision. She asked if her mom could get whatever it was she needed at a different store, but… “We have coupons for this store!”

She wouldn’t let them out of her sight and watched out for the woman she saw in her dreams. She saw many people during their time in the store, but to Ashlyn’s relief not the woman from her dream. They went to leave and right as Ashlyn let out a sigh of relief, her mom said she forgot something. Again, Ashlyn tried to convince them to go to a different store, but failed. As her mom turned around, a woman entered the store. It was the same woman from her dream. 

The vision kept running through Ashlyn’s head. “What color should I get?” Her mom asked  “Huh? Oh, blue looks good.” The woman entered the aisle she was standing in and Ashlyn couldn’t suppress her panic this time. Her Deja Vu was intense. Ashlyn knew her vision was going to come true. Now. And just as she expected, the headphones fell, right as they were leaving the store. Ashlyn rushed to grab them but her dad said, “No, that’s okay I’ve got it” He grabbed them and put them back on the shelf, but they fell off, and into her mom’s purse. 

Ashlyn dug through it, but she couldn’t find the headphones in time before they left the store. There went the alarms, and the guards came. “Stop right there!”. Maybe out of instinct, her mom ran. The guards caught up with her and her mom screamed, “Let go of me!”. Ashlyn tried telling the guards it was an accident, but they wouldn’t listen. She guessed the fact that her mom ran didn’t exactly make her look the most innocent. She tried the only thing she could think of. She closed her eyes and thought of the guards as she tried to push the image of what really happened into their minds. They stumbled back and said, “I’m sorry, you’re free to go,”

When they got in the car, her parents were very confused. Why did they back off? Ashlyn knew they would need an explanation, they just wouldn’t be expecting it from her. She figured the only way to give it to them, was to do the same thing she did with the guards, and show them. 

When they got home, she closed her eyes, thought of her parents, and showed them a vision. This time, she showed them a vision of their reaction. She filmed their faces, then showed them, and they matched the expressions they made in the vision. Eventually, she showed her friends, the rest of her family, and it wasn’t a secret anymore. 

Now all that was left to figure out was if she was going to use her powers for good, or for evil…

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