Down to the Flames

She looked back and saw her footprint, shiny and clear on the dark floor. “What’s that?” She thought, reaching down to touch the bottom of her shoe. Blood. “Oh my god.” Jess turned back, suddenly realized something, and raced towards the door. But for some reason, the door was gone, disappeared out of thin air. Then, Jess heard something, its footsteps behind her. She quickly hid in a nearby room. The next moment, Jess saw the shadow of a doll. The doll is almost as tall as Jess, maybe taller. The doll has a grand outlook, but half burnt. Jess tries her best not to make any noise but fails to do so. The doll turned her head towards Jess’s room. Jess ran out of the room and towards the hallway, the doll chases her, like prey. It was dark at the end of the hallway, the lights barely work. Fear quickly filled Jess, there was nowhere to go. “And a crazy doll is after me, trying to get me. Great.” Jess thought. Jess turned to the left and discovers a rust elevator. Jess stepped in, it still works, but because of it being deserted for such a long time, it’s very dangerous. But the doll was close behind, Jess has no choice but uses the elevator. “Come and get me, human.” The doll sang in its spooky voice. It made Jess have goosebumps. Jess quickly pressed a random floor and made the elevator close the door. Jess can hear the doll scratching and the elevator door, wanting Jess out. When the elevator took Jess to the 6th floor, she was relieved. Jess has to find a way to escape. She starts to search the 6th floor. Jess comes across a prison cell, yes a broken one. On the ground, it lay a half-burned picture of the doll. Red lips and rosy cheeks, smiling brightly and happily. The doll was pretty, and her clothes were luxuries. There were footsteps again, on the stairs. Jess could tell it was the doll. “What can I do to stop her? Destroy her with fire.” Jess realized. “Dolls are fabric, and the fabric gets destroyed by fire. Yeah! Why can’t I think of it before?” Jess tries to find a match but to her surprise, she found a diary, and it belongs to the doll. Jess starts to read: “Dear Diary, today is a really sad day because Rebecca and found out that I am alive and could talk like a human. Rebecca and her family got scared of me and want to burn me. I begged I whined and I cried, it didn’t work. I’m confused, isn’t it a good thing that I am alive and talk to you like a best friend? I couldn’t believe it, they are taking my life away because they think I am weird. I escaped from the fire, safely. But I ain’t going back, cause I hate humans now. From, Abagail.” “I’m here Jess.” the doll’s voice pulled Jess back into reality. A match was on the counter and Jess snatched it before Abagail could get to it. Jess lit the match and put it on a torch. Jess backed away with fear, “Don’t you dare come close to me” I screamed. The doll didn’t seem to get affected at all. “Jess, things don’t get burned twice, my dear,” Abagail smiled. “The moment you step into my house, you should have died already.” Mysteriously, the fire was put out instantly after the last sentence of Abagail’s dialogue ended. I started to run, but for some reason, I couldn’t move. The last thing I saw was Abagail’s psychopathic smile.

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