The Tipping Point

“Every man who has in his soul a secret feeling of revolt against any act of the State, of life, or of destiny, is on the verge of riot; and so soon as it appears, he begins to quiver, and to feel himself borne away by the whirlwind.”- Victor Hugo

In between the ABC’s and arithmetic, we are taught one unspoken rule. A rule that seems to contain us more than any piece of legislature ever could. We are taught to never tip the scale, to maintain the balance that upholds every facet of our fragile society. And it works, until someone decides to break the balance, with one move causing  collapse. Justice is subjective and yet for every soul who craves it, one element is needed for it to truly be fulfilled and that, is to tip the balance in return. Over the past few months, I’ve craved nothing more than to tip the scale in return and yet, that is not truly justice. No matter how many times I plead and I beg for justice to be served, the scale will never truly be tipped in my favor. I often wish that I could tip it myself, that one 5’7 girl with a knack for frivolous words and abstract thoughts could change it all. I wish that with one effortless tap, I could restore normality. But here’s the problem, even when the world is calm and my daily concerns are limited to tests and tennis, the scale has never been balanced. So no matter how much I may wish for the world to stead once more, I must question what steady means to me. But now, I know one simple truth: the tipping point has become so ingrained in what is ‘normal’, that even justice has been warped beyond repair.

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