Head in the Stars

The window that sits on the top floor,

in a girl’s room filled with her things,

grants her a minute to escape,

from the indoors of her house.

It is not the abandoned school,

or the houses behind hers,

nor the constant cars passing in the street,

or the view of downtown.

It is not the sounds of sirens,

or the constant barking,

nor the loud chatter of neighbors,

or the loud bangs of guns being shot off.

In her eyes, it is the night sky,

that brings her the utmost joy.

A change of terrain,

and a chance to sleep in serenity.

The moon sits up high beaming down at her,

while the stars surround the empty space.

They create shapes for her to gaze at,

for as long as she pleases.

A star may shine brighter than another,

but she calls them all beautiful no matter the spark.

They may leave her alone some nights,

yet she waits for their return no matter how long.

There was a time she didn’t notice them.

Her brightness was given to her from the device,

that haunts today’s generation,

and attacks the other’s behind them.

She caught sight of a constellation one day, 

and off the ship of a new vision went.

Night after night, she searches for them.

Her friends, her loves, her heavens.

A new landscape was handed to her,

and as she looks outside her window,

her eyes continue to stare out of admiration,

and are sprinkled with stardust that will never fade.

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