Hope For Tomorrow

This story is dedicated to my grandmother, Ms. Willie Hankins. She is my hero, best friend, and a cancer warrior. We do almost everything together, including cooking classes, spa days, and going to the library; moments such as these mean the world to me. She has a beautiful heart and has instilled in me the gift of kindness.

I hope for tomorrow, because tomorrow is a better day, no more tears or sorrow, happy joy along the way, I hope for tomorrow, because the sun will shine again, there will no more sickness and we will see the rainbow, after the rain is gone, hope is still here and we must face tomorrow with no more fear, we are living in times of peril and unknown, but we have hope and new memories of a new journey. Our treasure lies in hope. I, Skyler Hankins hope that this poem brings you hope. As we wear our beautiful masks, we are covered with hope. 

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