I’m Still Standing

This was the moment she has waited for ever since she started playing lacrosse in fourth grade. She has put in so much effort and has worked so hard for this moment. She will soon open a letter and find out if she would be playing lacrosse in college at her dream school. She ripped open the letter hesitantly with her parents over her shoulders. Then she began to read the words that would change her life forever.  She wanted this more than anything after everything she had been through the last 3 years.

 Her freshman year of high school started out great, she made the varsity team and played better than ever before. She played attack and midfield and scored 18 goals during the season, the most scored on her team. At the end of the season, they had a banquet to go over the season and give out awards. She won the award for the most valuable player. This is the best award you can get at the banquet! 

Then, the school year ended and summer lacrosse began. She traveled to Florida for a tournament the first Friday of summer to play with her club travel lacrosse team. They began their last game at 6:00 on that Sunday vs their rival team that is based in Ohio. But during the second half of the game she caught a pass, juked out her defender, and ran towards the goal full speed. She then placed her shot and scored the final goal of the game breaking the tie between the two teams and won the tournament. But after she shot she fell to the ground and felt a sharp pain in her leg. She then realized that something was wrong and she could not get up. Her parents and the coaches rushed on the field and called 911. That night she was in the hospital and got the worst news in her life. She had torn her ACL and would not be able to play lacrosse for the next 12 months. 

From that moment on she would have to work harder than ever before to become as good as she used to be. She started out with physical therapy and worked on her passing and catching every day. She knew that this journey would be hard and painful but she was willing to do what ever it took to get back on top. After the 12 months she was finally cleared to go to practices, games, and clinics again. It was now her junior year and she was back playing for her school team. This was unfortunately the only year that college recruiters could look at her though because she couldn’t play her sophomore year. She played her junior year with more strength and determination than ever after her journey last year. 

Eventually, she opened that letter from her dream college her senior year and had gotten everything she had ever wanted. She was asked to play D1 lacrosse for Ohio State. This has been her dream since 4th grade and she was happier than ever before. Later, she realized that she was glad that the accident happened to her because she learned that life has challenges but nothing is impossible to over come. Hard work does pay off!

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