Life from my perspective outside my window

Life from my perspective is pretty crazy. I’m currently looking outside my window saying, “What should I write,” I could write about my perspective, what I am doing, anything similar to that. I’ll write about my perspective. I’m just a 14-year-old girl, named Ella, that just tries to get good grades and be kind. If you think getting good grades is the easy part; you’re wrong. I’ve always struggled with grades and it seems to never get easier. This year I have done ok but sometimes it’s super hard. Being kind is pretty easy for me until people try to annoy me. I try to think positive but sometimes it gets hard. People can be really nice and sometimes they can be really mean. I see life as very stressful and even hard to believe sometimes. It doesn’t always make sense. When challenges come my way I try to overcome and attack the challenge. That way I’m bigger than it and I know I can do it. Although I do struggle a little bit most of the time I can overcome it. 

Next, being 14 brings lots of challenges such as tests, some hard decisions, and lots of random things that stress me out. When I get stressed I look like a hot pocket that exploded in a microwave. I don’t even know why some of the things that stress me out actually stress me out. I have a tendency to get stressed about anything and everything. My mom said she did the same thing when she was a kid. I wish I didn’t stress as much as I stress though. People always say that they wish they were a kid and I disagree. I wish I was older so I could finish school. School is so boring and wearing masks are really annoying. I also wish I could drive so I wouldn’t have to sit at home and do nothing. I get bored a lot. Sometimes I get so bored I start doing random things. I feel that most people don’t understand school and how hard it can be. Sure, my parents and almost all the other parents went through it but during a pandemic and having to wear a mask changes everything. If I could change 1 thing right now it would be to be finished with school. I would want to be in a new environment, instead of a classroom, but I would still like to work a job. I’m a little nervous to go a full day.

Third, driving myself to work sounds fun, but I still don’t know what I want to be when I’m older. Hopefully, I get a car when I’m older but I don’t know because of my 3 siblings. If I was older I’d get to go anywhere or at least after I turn 18 which will be interesting. I am a little nervous to get older though because there are taxes that I have to do. I’m also always nervous about anything and everything. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m nervous about. It can be really weird how I can forget so quickly.

Last, If I could choose one word to describe it would be fine. Life’s fine, just fine. That’s probably why people think I’m sad all the time. It gets super annoying and I don’t really like it when people ask me why I’m sad. Every time I say the same thing, I’m not sad, I’m not sad, I’m not sad, and I still get asked by the same people. I always talk about how I’m meh because that’s just me. Anybody who asks me how I’m day was 99% of the time I say meh. Sometimes life is happy and sometimes it is sad but most of the time it’s meh. Having school and stuff makes it meh. In conclusion life of a fourteen-year-old can be hard but it’s doable.

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