Lost in My Mind

Up from a dream,
What is it that brings us back to reality?
Is it the birdsong or the sirens or the smell of morning on the breeze? Is it knowledge or hope or somewhere in between? Do you wake for tomorrow or yesterday or the misty lingering dreams?
At what point do you let dreamland dissolve and become of the earth? Where is the blurry line between the two?
What will it take for your day to become a dream, What will you give to turn your dreams into days?
Are you a dreamer? I think we all are the morning sun or the summer rain or the promise of today, Your breath is your dream this life is your dance
Into a dream what is the last thing on your mind? Is it the day or the dawn of the lost sea of youth? Knowledge or hope, regret or resolve? Did you live, or did you dream?
So slip into a dream
If you never leave
Would that be alright?

I’m walking the line between what I know is right and what my heart feels when no one’s watching not the only traveler, no, This wire is polished by the footsteps of the wanderers before
But for now, I’m alone
Alone with the clouds
And the tottering balance of a heart

I wish I could dream without the knowledgeThat tomorrow would come to tear it all down
I wish I could live in a gust of wind
Without the fear, not even of being blown away But of losing control

I suppose we’re all wanderers,
Dancing with the stars
I suppose were all a little bit lost
Seeing you wrapped in the morning I can’t help but wonder if we aren’t all a little bit found as well

If I live for today
Why is the morning my muse?
And if I live for tomorrow
Why is it still just a fantasy?

You can steal me
And you can jail me
And you can chain me to the floor
But i will not be your prisoner
My body may be bound but my mind
Is the sky itself, I am not
Your captive I am not your pawn; If I am a chesspiece let me be the queen-Brave and altruistic
And beyond the bounds of earth
You can take all that I own but the stars
Will still be mineThe person you see when you
Peer through these bars may be yours but I
Belong to no one I
Am breath.

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