Murder Hornets

In my story I will talk about how dangerous murder hornets are. Murder hornets‘ have reached the US. Native to Asia, the giant insects rip off the heads of honeybees by the thousands. Vespa mandarinia, or Asian giant hornets, as also known as “yak-killer hornets, murder hornets, and “hornets from hell. They can grow to be between 1½ and 2 inches long and have large, orange or yellow heads with prominent eyes and a black and yellow striped abdomen. The hornets were first found in the United States in December in northern Washington state, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. And while its stings are capable of killing people, that’s relatively rare. The insect you should be mindful of is probably buzzing nearby, and it’s got a taste for blood. Their sting isn’t any more toxic than that of the bees and hornets commonly found around New England, but because of their size, murder hornets can deliver a larger dose of toxin with each sting, according to Tewksbury. They are a danger to humans only when stung multiple times.

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