No Time

Radio had nothing good on                                                 


Rear lights of lorry 

Like the unprotected sun

holding me back

Ready to overtake

It happened, something unforeseen.

The air resounded a tumultuous blast,

What I thought was a tire tore past,                                                                                    

It fluttered through the air and cracked onto my windscreen.

The lorry rose like the smoke of the burning petrol, leaking from its tanks.

The cab swaying over me,

Glistening as it fell before me.

Thunder boomed.

The mountain split and rolled, smoke exuded out.

Too fast,                                                        

But the gap,

Just wide enough,

To fit my car through

The lorry and its car apart

The engine, an army.

The crunch of metal, a thunderclap.       

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