That Girl From the Past

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Amila but she was from the past.

She lived a beautiful life filled with joy and unconditional love from her African American Family. Her mother was the best selling author at the time and her father was a doctor. Which means that they had money and never had to experience any downfalls in their life involving money. Amila on the other hand was very much spoiled and got everything she wanted without even knowing how to work hard for it. Lots of people that go to the same school she goes to said that she was rude, always bragging about what she got and was a spoiled brat. Amila didn’t really care about what they were saying, because she was so caught up in the material items like gucci, prada, etc instead of being grateful and loving toward her family and the life they built for her at such a young age. Even though she was very disrespectful to her parents they still got her what she wanted. There were nights Amila would come home from her high school volley volley practice late. And I know y’all might be wondering what she was doing. She would go link up with older boys and girls that her mother never met before, skip school and yell at her mother for taking away her BMW because she wasn’t coming straight home after practice. On her 17th birthday her mom still went out of her way to surprise her daughter with a big birthday party at her house. Their house was so extremely big that they decided to have it there. For her birthday her mom and dad bought her a new car. This time it  was a Mercedes and also some expensive handbags and more. She had a good time but yet she still had an attitude with her mother and father for inviting kids she no longer hung out with to her party. She said everyone here is lame and decided to leave the party to hang out with kids that she felt was more up to her speed. A year later Amila got really sick and she found out that she was diagnosed with cancer. Her father and mother did the best they could supporting her through this process and even still managed going to work. Amila hated the fact she had to lie down in the hospital beds for days and nights, she was losing her mind because she was so caught up on going back to the way she was living her life. As soon as you know it she was losing some hair to losing all of her hair. Things just seemed like it was getting worse. Through the process Amila still was ungrateful to her mother and father. When they arrived a little bit late to the hospital she would say why do y’all come late am I not important to y’all like your jobs are. Then finally things started to get better for her. She was finally able to go home to the lifestyle she missed dearly. A year later something else tragic happened to their daughter Amila. So she was finally in her senior year which is something she was waiting for prom, graduation and of course getting into her dream college Harvard University.  She had her prom you know she had to go all out for it being she was a spoiled girl and would argue her parents down to get her way. And then here comes graduation she looked so dolled up and had a good time she was the valedictorian. She gave her speech, came home, opened her acceptance letter to Harvard then ran off with her friends. That was the last time her parents saw her again. She died in a horrible car accident with 2 of her friends. Her parents were devastated because she had a lot going for her and she was just beginning her new chapter in her attending Harvard University.She is now in the past and her parents decided to move out of this house and try to keep on going with their life the best they could. You didn’t think that was it did you. They were packing up all their belongings up late night then a burglar came in and shot both of them and took everything they could grab within a little amount of time before the cops came. Years and years later people never found out who killed them. The house had got remodeled to an apartment complex for people with low housing and this new family moved in. This girl named Amanda moved in with her African American family. She wasn’t aware of what happened in this place years ago because she wasn’t from the area Oakland. Before she moved here she was living in Florida. Things for her are very different from the girl that lived here from the past. Her father works at home depot and her mom works at Denny’s. She was very grateful for what she had and told her parents everyday that she loves them.  She went to the same high school as the girl from the past and didn’t even know. She saw many pictures of her on the wall and asked a student who she was and the girl named Kendall explained. Kendall said that she was a rich student who had everything and she was a showoff and lived in this big mansion house down the street that converted into an apartment complex. She died in a car accident after her graduation ceremony. She was the valedictorian and I heard she got into Harvard University. Then a month later her parents got shot in that home from a burglar. Amanda said I live in that apartment complex down the street. Kendall said be careful girl i heard it might be haunted. You need a ride, girl asked Kendall. No, I’m good, my mom is supposed to be picking me up today, Amanda said.  When Amanda got home she told her mom about the girl and her mom said no need to worry honey she is a girl from the past she is not coming back. As soon as she said that she spoke it into existence. When Amanda’s dad came home from work he was full of tears because he lost his job. After Amanda found out the news she yelled and said I hate my life. Then she rushed into her room, slammed her door and decided to get ready to go to bed. The mom Tarisa told her husband that they are already low and now that he lost his job they might not have enough to provide food and soon shelter. Once Amanda went to sleep she had this crazy dream about Amila, Amila was talking to her. She told Amila that she might be known as the girl from the past but her spirit still lives on. Amila even gave her advice she told her that she needs to be grateful for what she has while she has it. She even told her that her family were the richest people in town and her parents went all out for her but she never told them thank you nor did she smile and be grateful for what she had got. I gave my parents headaches and stress on top of stress. And as soon as you know it my life started to fall apart I got really sick and found out I had cancer and my parents were still by my side. But since I was so stuck in my feelings I continued to be ungrateful even after the fact I was able to go home and got healthy again. After I died my parents were devastated. Then what was sad was that they died when somebody shot them and they never got justice for it. At the end of the day we are still black people and they don’t care about us. When black folk get money and make the white man and women look good they accept us but once you lose it all we go back to being nobody in their eyes. People had my mom as their idol and had my dad as a hero. But now they look at us like the people from the past. The next day came and Amanda woke up so refreshed and excited to be the best she could be and helped out got a job so she could pitch in money. As soon as you know it things got better than ever. My dad found a better job, her mom got a raise and life was great again for her. When you die you don’t want to be known as the girl from the past. Instead you should want to be known as the girl that leads the future. You live, you learn don’t crash and burn.

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