The Chosen one

The day started out like any other day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing sweet melodies, and a sea of yellow covered every outdoor surface. Today was to be the day that is anticipated all week long. The excitement was building as time was drawing closer to the actual event. People hovered and encircled the chosen one. Orders and petitions were made both orally and in writing. The crowd knew what was about to take place. People share their thoughts and concerns; everyone seems to know the best way to tackle the experience. No one was shy about expressing their desires, but still seemed to show reverence to the chosen one. The group didn’t really know what was going to be the outcome, but knew the situation had become dire. There were no other solutions. They knew it fit squarely on the chosen one to succeed.  

With all the gear needed to move onto the field, the chosen one set off on the expedition. Not knowing what would be the circumstances encountered, the chosen one organized and packed all necessary equipment to make a safe return. However, as the arena to which was to be invaded approached, so did the anticipation, excitement, and fear escalate. No one would be there as a lifeline as the phone was safer to be left behind. This would mean that the one who had been chosen was solely on their own. There would be no communication with the group that was left behind and probably little help or aid from others who had also been chosen. Everyone that would be encountered would be out for themselves. The question was pondered how many had volunteered for this mission? Have others been trained from other expeditions?

No! The person chosen was to take action, be in charge, and make all decisions knowing that the others left behind have made a master plan that was to be followed. Could the chosen one quickly make an altered decision if the scenario called for it? The stress was overwhelming. The objectives have been set and it was the responsibility of the chosen one to devise alternate solutions on the fly. Every single second counted. There could be no dawdling, no delays, as the group was anxiously awaiting their spoils. If the goal could not be reached here, then the campaign was to continue. The chosen one could not fail. Others were relying on the success of the mission. 

After what seemed hours upon hours, the chosen one finally returned to the base. Feeling exhausted, frustrated, yet giddy with excitement at the bounty that was achieved. The chosen one would be the hero, at least for this short period of time. Some will scoff and share criticism, but the chosen one felt accomplished and capable. The opportunity to travel out to new lands and returned safely made it worth the trip. Mom was able to meet the needs of her family and find toilet paper and chicken. Life was going to look normal again, if only for another week.

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