The Demonic Doll

The day Jessica and Kathy moved in they climbed the creaky stairs to the attic and turned on the light. There, in the far corner, was a box. They had to hold her nose because that space where she found the box smelled a bit bad and the box looked old when Jessica rummaged through the box, Jessica and Kathy found a doll and Kathy liked the doll and wanted to keep it. Everything was normal until days later there was something strange with the doll that Jessica and Kathy had found in the attic of their new house. Kathy noticed that there was something strange with the doll because the doll appeared every day in a different position than the one she had left it, the doll at times appeared with her legs crossed, her arms in different gestures … To the point that with the time Kathy even claimed that she even changed rooms. The thing did not end there, since written notes began to appear with messages such as “Help us” “Save Isabelle” But Kathy thought it was her older sister who wanted to scare her until at one point Kathy started to get scared and wanted to tell her mother about what was happening with the doll.

Days later, Jessica got in touch with a good friend of hers named Father Smith. Everything was still strange with the doll but more with Isabelle because she got aggressive, Jessica noticed that when everyone went to sleep someone would listen to someone awake in the house until one night Jessica got out of bed to see who it was awake. That night Jessica saw Isabelle hit her forehead on the wall.

The next day, Jessica called Father Smith and his assistant Manuel to tell him what was happening and they promised to go one night to see what Isabelle was doing when she woke up.

One night, Father Smith and his assistant Manuel went to Jessica’s house to help Isabelle, Kathy’s older sister, that the doll demon had entered her body. But the next day, Jessica called Father Smith and told him that Isabelle had jumped out of her room on the second floor. When Father Smith found out about this, he went with his partner Manuel to their home immediately. When they got to the house, the house was full of policemen. They see Isabelle’s corpse hugging the doll that Kathy’s mother had found in the attic. 

Father Smith and Manuel decided to further investigate the case of how the doll appeared at Jessica’s house. Father Smith goes to ask Jessica how the doll looked at home and was told that once Jessica was unpacking a box in the attic of her new house, then she found a box that was already in the house. attic and started. to unpack and there was the doll. Father Smith told them that that doll had a story behind it and that the story that the doll had was that the doll belonged to a girl called Anna and her family The Higgins who lived in that house where Kathy’s mother and her sister Isabelle had moved in the story is that a night The Higgins are disturbed by the sounds of their next-door neighbors, their neighbors, being killed during a home invasion. John, the girl’s father, Anna goes to investigate and returns covered in blood, telling his wife Mia to call the police. When Anna’s father John investigates again, Mia hears the footsteps of someone approaching her at her home and is attacked by stabbing her in the back by a woman they would never have seen. John rushes in and fights with the woman, but the woman stabs John many times, John is defeated and dies, while the woman tries to stab Mia again until Mia dies that night as well. Hidden Anna listening to the screams of her parents decided to hang herself. The police arrive and shoot the woman until she dies, while the evil spirit that this woman has enters Anna’s wrist.

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