The Stranger

April 4, 2019

      I went to drop the kids off at school and saw a man that I had never seen before looking at me. He was an attractive man so I didn’t mind him looking, but it was kind of strange considering the fact that I didn’t know him and I didn’t see him with a kid. The kids were in the back seat, but luckily they didn’t see anything. They’re at the age where they ask a lot of questions, especially if they sense something is off. I turned my head to say goodbye to Carter and Jada, but as soon as I turned back around, he was nowhere to be seen. 


April 8, 2019

      I went grocery shopping on my lunch break today and saw the same man from the kids’ school the other day. At first I didn’t think he saw me until I noticed him following me around the store. Usually, I would’ve just thought it was a coincidence that we kept bumping into each other, but not this time. I was walking fast so that I could make it back to work on time and the grocery store is a slow paced type of place. There is no reason that he should’ve been walking at the same pace and going the same way as me, the store is way too big for that. This is getting a bit strange.


April 15th, 2019

           I told my sister about the man that I keep seeing and she didn’t believe me. She thought I was being paranoid, but today she witnessed it for herself. We were at the mall when I saw him, and I pointed him out to her. Once she realized that he wasn’t a figment of my imagination, she just thought that maybe I was exaggerating how much I saw him around, but then it happened. We got into my car and went to pick up Carter from his basketball practice. When we pulled into the parking lot, and a car that was behind us pulled in as well. We pulled out. They pulled out. We turned . They turned. I looked into the mirror. It was him. I sped up. He did too.  My sister told me to keep driving so that he wouldn’t know which house we were going to. We continued to drive and he parked a few houses down from mine. This was one of the scariest moments of my life. Not only could I have been in danger, but my sister, who is only 19, and my son were also in danger. 

April 16th, 2019

            I bought a taser and pepper spray. After yesterday, I don’t need anything else happening. Lately, all of my diary entries have been about this mystery man who turns out to be a stalker. All of this is weird and I just want my life back. Luckily, I have a blind date coming up in a few days, which I am excited about!


April 19th, 2019

          Tonight was a very unexpected turn of events to say the least! I showed up to the date dressed in a red v-neck blouse with ruffled sleeves, a pair of midnight blue jeans, red flats, and gol accessories. This was the first time I’ve gone out since the break up, and I felt really optimistic about this date. A good friend of mine set this up, and because I trust her, I tried this out. When I arrived, he wasn’t there yet, so I sat at the bar. I texted him a description of what I had on so that he would know to approach. After a while, someone called my name, and when I turned around I saw him. I couldn’t believe that the same man who had been following me for weeks was a friend of a friend. Because I felt more comfortable knowing that someone else knew him, I stayed. 

This is where it all started to make sense. I told him I had seen him at the school, grocery store, mall, and on my block. He explained to me that he had just moved into a house on the next block which is why I had seen him there. He was at the school dropping his daughter off, but because she had already gone inside, she wasn’t with him when I saw him. The day I saw him at the grocery store, he was on his daily walk and was trying to keep his pace, which is why he was walking fast. As far as basketball practice, his brother is the coach and my friend is the coach’s wife which is how they know each other.  

      I will still stay on alert if something like this ever happens again because I had valid reasons to think he was following me. Now that I’ve gone on the date, I like the things I’ve gotten to know so far. I’ll just have to find out and write about it in my next entry!

                                        ~ A very relieved Stacy

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