Window of Truth

Outside my window Is the air I breathe from the man-made machines burning my lungs like a cigarette still lit out on the window sill

Put it out and look past the curtains to the world that false advertised my future and made it crawl into the sewer where the bugs and rodents ate what was left of my life and let me expire 

Look out the window wishing to see a sunny day and happy lives but get surprised by the amount of heartbreak pain and lies u see regardless of how time flies

I don’t like looking out my window

I don’t wanna see the sad widow of life and the abuse of death with the corruption of people right and left

I don’t like people looking in my window hearing the screams of disaster and despair and look to see if anyone is still there

I wanna close the curtain to my window but the air is to thick in here

I don’t wanna hear or look to see people stare cus we both know what goes on in there

Its 2:58 am but here I am outside my window the smell of street life lingers, makes me think everyone is like a bee that loves to use their stingers 

Sadly they don’t die so I guess this is goodbye 

but if you ever need a hero though I’m still outside my window acknowledging the info of a world I wish I wasn’t apart of

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