There is No Point in Traveling When You Can See Everything and Learn About Places on Television and the Internet.

In the modern world, with such vast technology, people don’t feel the need to go outside and visit new places, with new experiences not available to you at your feet. One doesn’t feel the need to visit places because you can see everything with a few easy clicks on your phone. The average teenager spends nearly nine hours a day looking at pixels, rather than experiencing first hand images. Of course, there are many advantages to travelling, but
many disadvantages too.

An advantage to travelling, is that it is much healthier for one to get outside and explore theworld rather than staring at a screen using your fingertips to travel. You may do some research on a place that you want to visit, to see if it is safe, maybe fun and all some may be looking for is a luxurious time abroad. But what use is it to you, personally, to read someone else’s experience. Every article, website or speech you listen to about this certain place has been experienced by someone, somewhere. Every person has different views on what they like. You might be reading someone’s review on a time abroad where there’s no Wi-Fi, but all they want to do is go on social media. Each article has a certain aspect of bias. So, don’t waste your time on unreliable articles and go and visit first-hand views for yourself, and you can be the one to judge your time.

Obviously, there are disadvantages. Travelling isn’t a cost-free experience. Not everyone has the fortune to go anywhere, anytime. In fact, many people can’t. Half of the world are living in poverty, and obviously, they can’t go wherever they want. This is where the internet and television are amazing tools. People can know that there is a place for them to go, and one
day, they may be able to escape poverty. The internet can provide hope for those who think nothing can get better; that there is no place for them to live their dreams, that nothing can help them. The internet can be proof for them, and keep them striving for their goal. So, for some situations the internet is great for learning about places.

I believe, depending on your situation, that if you can travel, you should. It is an eye-opening experience, that many people don’t have the chance to do. It is beneficial to your understanding of the world around you and it is educational because you become wiser to decisions, especially if you become an important member of a government.

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