Violet Eyes

My wife loved me, but not the normal type of love like a wife should. Her love was more like the love that a cult member has for their leader. I know she loves me. She follows me everywhere, forgives me for things most would find unforgivable, and not once has she ever hurt me simply to hurt me. Though I’m not sure if I ever loved her as much as she loved me. I know I loved her; I gave her a part of me that no one else could know. My wife, Yggdrasil, accepted that I had the constant urge to kill and stuck by my side anyway, but she was obsessed with me always looking at me, no, staring at me with those magenta eyes that peered into my soul begging for us to be closer. Unfortunately, Yggdrasil longed to have us be truly united, but the cult leader can not be equals with the follower. I am not on equal terms with anyone. They approach me hoping that they can validate themselves by reaching my status, but it’s impossible I am an unreachable goal. I let her get too close, that was my first mistake. Yggdrasil had almost reached me, I guess in the end she did, but it was only because I loved her too much no one understands how much of a threat she was to my status. Every day she bore into me with those always watching eyes sending a wave of heat through me like a passing implosion that never quite killed me, but always made its presence felt. The night where I realized she would reach me was an ordinary night, she fell asleep watching this show we’d rewatched 1000 times, I put the blanket over her and powered off my phone, finally, I laid down so that her eyes, if they were to open, could only see my back that way she could not pierce my heart. Late in the dark, I could feel her looking into me, even though I couldn’t see her I could feel her looking into me with boundless love. If I didn’t get away from those eyes I knew that I would fall to Yggdrasil, and for the first time since I was a child, I feared that someone was getting close to me desperately grasping for a spot at the top with me. Gathering all my courage I turned around, and just as I had expected Yggdrasil was staring into me with love in her eyes, and for a moment I began to remember why I loved her, why I could trust her, and why I married her. I can’t believe it those damn eyes fueled by passion and love were longing to be with me at the top, and for a second I almost let them, but I couldn’t let anybody reach me. I am an unreachable goal. My wife’s eyes had no glow behind them when it was all over, and I couldn’t have been happier, that was until I saw her again. Everywhere I went from the night I thought I extinguished her she followed me, but only one of her eyes remained glowing the other remained pale and cold and haunting. Every night I could feel her looking at me; her new purpose was to remind me of what I’d done, but why now, after all, I’ve done I have never felt bad for hurting those below me. Some nights I miss her, more like all nights, I try to convince myself that I did the right thing, but I’d do anything to have her standing at the top with me finally reaching the unreachable goal.

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