What’s Outside My Window

You might be wondering what’s outside your window. Are there little kids on their bikes with training wheels? Or teenagers on skateboards? When I look outside my window I see parents talking to other parents on their porches. Little kids on scooters or bikes, laughing with each other like there isn’t a thing in the world to stop them. I see little girls in pink poofy dresses coloring with chalk on the sidewalk making rainbows and unicorns. I see people walking their dogs. A golden retriever and a poodle meeting for the first time. A blind and deaf dog walking alongside its owner. The teenagers hanging out in front of their houses talking about who knows what. The siblings playing basketball in the street. Cars trying to pass but have to stop because of the kids in the street. My sister getting out of her car and glaring at the children because they start to scream and laugh really loud. The sound of lawnmowers and barking dogs. The sound of bugs flying through the air. The wind blowing the leaves off the trees, and blowing through the children’s hair. My mom walking out of the house with my dogs to take them on a walk. Then my mom yelling at my dogs because they started to bark at the neighbors. My neighbor yelling at his kids to get out of the road or because they were doing something bad. I couldn’t really hear. My stepsister getting out of her car with her backpack because she is going to spend the weekend with us. Kids from another neighborhood walking on the sidewalk. My friend walking her dog with her sister by her side. Then turning around because there are too many people. When I look outside my window I see how free everyone looks and I envy that because I’m always stuck inside doing homework or cleaning. When I look outside I remember how I was like when I was little and how I used to be outside every chance I get.

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