Where Does The Road End

Where does the road end, when does the road end

Knowledge what I desire that and only that

Why can’t i have it 

I have climbed mountains scarring my hands

Swam in rivers leaving my lungs behind tearing them from my chest to continue my quest

Fought kings and queens going against their judgment

Been punished for my crimes to get the knowledge I so desire

Fined,shamed,and mutated just to see if this endless road of mine ends

I barely know who I am anymore my skin is tattered and black 

I am missing parts of my body that I need, one leg keeps me going on the traveling roads

Blood clings to my body as I keep searching for knowledge

Chained to be a slave to try and find all the knowledge that I seek

I can’t stop this is my curse and punishment

To keep searching for all eternity for this knowledge losing parts of my body and mind in the process till nothing is left of me on this earth

A slave how fitting for a person like me

How far do others go for knowledge

Do the go as far as me or do they leave and give up halfway

Te question we should be asking ourselves is what is the price you will pay for the knowledge that you seek

Then and only after that question is answered does the road end

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