When open, you are led to somewhere outside of the closed space you live in.

A breath of fresh air filled with freedom and solitude, or the sound of sirens and cars honking with fury.

Curtains spread wide or blinds shuttered upwards.

The children outside playing hop-scotch, tag, or jumping on a trampoline, that were once hidden are now revealed. 

The birds chirping and splashing in a puddle of water to clean themselves, while digging for a tasty worm snack are seen by the naked eye.

By yourself then opening a window to a blissful breeze.

Once alone, then comforted by nature with the sky bright and blue and rays of sunshine seeping through trees.

You step outside.

Barefoot on the concrete steps leading you into the soft green grass.

The grass tickles your toes, pricking your feet.

Down the hill people are out walking their dog, pushing a stroller, running, and biking. 

Looking up, the old oak tree, green as ever, casts a shadow over you. 

Leaf after leaf. It’s endless.

Ripe green and fresh, then turning into orange, red, yellow, or a dirt brown.

Now the leaves are falling, as you sweep them into sky high piles. 

Walking on the ground the leaves crunch with every step, and hop with the wind.

The breeze is cool and crisp, and blows your hair around in complicated swirls and strands attack your face. 

Looking out the window, snow falls and gathers at the ground and sticks to branches of trees.

The ice crystals look majestic as they fall from the sky. 

Now bundled up in layers of clothes so thick that make it a struggle to move, you find yourself making designs in the snow.

Sticking out your tongue to catch snowflakes as they fall from the cold clouded sky.

Sledding down the steepest hill in your neighborhood or town. 

The wind sharply hits your face making your cheeks and nose sting.

Your body aches with comforting cold shivers

Curling up by the fireplace with fuzzy socks and a mug of hot chocolate with gooey marshmallows, you look out the window.

Tulips sprout from underneath the earth as the snow seeps into the ground.

The grass becomes greener and little flower buds come alive.

The trees develop miniature leaves that will grow and become bright green again.

The butterflies surround the bush with sweet smelling flowers.

Birds jump into a bird bath to refresh themselves, and ruffle their feathers.

They dig through the moist soft dirt for worms to bring back to the nest.

Rabbits leap meters across the lawn and squirrels clutch onto the bark of trees. 

Chipmunks stuff their petite faces with nuts. 

A drizzle of precipitation falls and becomes heavier.

A crack of thunder and its lifeless and dark outside.

The rain collects on your window in droplets as they slide down like a tear.

The rain drips down the leaves of a tree and travels its way through the gutter.

The rain slips away into a sewer where you can hear it splash when it falls.

The sun peeps through the layered clouds, and the sky becomes blue again.

You look out your window.

The window that was once open is now closed.

The fresh air is pushed outside.

The drapes are shut tight.

Life passes by without a thought.

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