Dante Competition: 3rd Place

Here is what they don’t tell you. The fall from grace isn’t a slope but a cliff One wrong step, gone forever One shift of the wind and you’re out of time It’s biting cold, the way down Wind ripping past your cheeks and slicing your ribs Darkness grasping for your fingertips And it doesn’t […]

Dante Competition: Honorable Mention

I always wished for brothers, companions, guides towards the rest of my life. Hope for the hopeful and rest for the weary and a thousand words across a painted sky. I always hated sadness, curling inside myself, pinching my arm to know this was real life and I couldn’t run away just yet. I dove […]

Dante Competition: 1st Place

Her frantic footsteps echoed off of the twisting hallways. With every turn, with every sprint into the spiraling darkness, she felt herself becoming more and more hopelessly lost. Once or twice, lost in the absence of light and life alike, she had tripped. Each time, terror had chased her closer, nipping at her soul and […]

Dante Competition: 2nd Place

you breathe like an accordion, shuddering,     your body emptying, because you hate knowing he’s the sun to your icarus,     feel the wax dripping, and the sensation is a wisp of smoke     you won’t find this way and you’re a moth drawn to this flame,     but you know  […]