Her visions made it hard for her to make friends, but this doll kept her company. On her 13th birthday a doll from many generations past was given to her by her great grandmother along with a small, worn down Latin prayer book. This doll is said to have been her great grandmother’s from many years ago from a small shop in Salem, MA run by an old lady everyone called a witch. She didn’t believe all those old stories anyone told her.

When she received the doll all of her family members said it looked exactly like her; strawberry blonde with freckles and dark green eyes. She never saw any resemblance. She played with this doll everyday, imagining it could talk and walk. But because she was diagnosed with a severe case of schizophrenia at the age 4, she had to constantly take her medication which made it hard for her to continue to imagine these things. 

On the night of her 13th birthday, she put the doll on the opposite side of her room and took her two nightly pills. She took her great grandmother’s Latin prayer book out of her drawer on her bedside table and flipped through the pages, hoping to find a prayer asking God for a cure from her horrible condition. Little did she know, as she recited the prayer, she unlocked a portal to the underworld letting an invisible demon come into her life. She felt this chilling sensation crawl down her spine, but brushed it off as nothing and went downstairs to say goodnight to her mother. As she left the room, the doll’s head slowly turned to watch her leave.

At 3 AM, she woke up in a cold sweat to creaking floorboards in her room and the wind howling outside her window. She quickly looked around and noticed the doll at the foot of her bed staring her down. She screamed. The doll tilted its head to one side and continued to look at her. She thought she was having a bad dream and went back to sleep. The doll’s face suddenly had this very large, creepy smile as it was watching her.

In the morning she woke up to bruises all over her body and the doll laying next to her on the floor. When she looked down, the doll moved its head toward her and one eye opened rapidly. She screamed. Her mother rushed in asking what was wrong, and as she told her what happened her mother shook her head and reassured her that she was off her meds. But no, she has been taking her pills everyday like she is supposed to.

She stopped playing with the doll and continued to wake up every morning at 3 AM to the doll watching her sleep and then several hours later wake up and see bruises all over her body. She grew fed up with this and grabbed the same old fragile prayer book and recited the same prayer hoping it would undo what happened in the previous weeks. She constantly felt this very odd, cold presence in her room so terrible that her cat would not even pass her doorway anymore. 

After doing some research she realized the prayer she kept saying was not what she thought it was and she had let demons come into her life. Leading up to All Hallow’s Eve, she felt very unsettled so she put the doll back into its box and shoved it into the back of her closet. She didn’t want anything to happen to her that night. She took her nightly pills, as usual, and went to sleep. 

She woke up once again, at 3 AM in a cold sweat to the doll floating above her with the window wide open and the wind sharply whistling. She tried to scream but the doll descended down into her lap and covered her mouth violently. She felt these very cold hand-like feelings wrap around her body, like a hug from the wind, pull her off her bed. She continued to try and scream but no noise was able to come out. These hand-like spirits pulled her out of her window and she was never 

        to be seen



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