I’ve never been a big fan of writing but I’ll give this a shot, so here I go. I wanna be a lawyer when I grow up so I’m going to stop using words like gonna and shoulda. I get distracted easily too wait… sorry there were kids outside playing soccer. Also that song “I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her”. Wait what was I saying oh yeah, do you say data or data, I say data (dad-uh). Ok so yes I want to be a lawyer and debate people all day. I want to be like the brain of the president, the face of a model, the legs of Ronaldo, and the body of Zac Efron. Sometimes I’ll just sit there when I’m supposed to be reading and I don’t even know why. I’m just so,*yawn, sorry tired. Plus why do we have soooo much ELA work. Read read read, write write write. All I want to do is watch YouTube and be a lawyer. Also my favorite show is south park even though it’s egey, I think it’s funny. I should call this my brain book. No that sounds stupid. No but maybe I should. No it stinks. Many I should name it distractions:my brain book. No that sounds stupider. New day, new distractions. I really hope this classifies as a story. I think it does. Authors. Make up characters, and I make up shorter thoughts. Like right now I’m listening to music and thinking “what genius thought of spelling read and read and red”. I have a song stuck in my head and it goes like this “ it’s just water, it’s just water” and then in the background he goes “WATER” and yeah. Also why do I just know it’s spelled background and not backround. Like why, what’s wrong with backround. That’s how I pronounce it. And also wheelbarrow. Why on Earth did no one tell me it wasn’t wheel barrel? “ WATER” the story was getting boring. Which came firstmovies or Tv shows. If tv shows came first then who thought of very long tv shows. If movies came first who thought of short movies. Also who thought of plays and musicals. Also what’s the difference between the two. Also 2 too to two. Just why. I’m kind of hungry. Should I have Pizza rolls or Mac and cheese. Probably Mac. Do creators of tv shows have their favorite tv shows? Like does the creator of Spongebob like Spongebob the most? Who came up with fireworks? Did they do trial and error? Also who came up with boxing? How did that go, “*throws fist at other person* hey that hurt” *hits back* “this should be a sport” “yeah we could get a lot of money”. I actually want to know the conversations people had. Also how did people find out what foods were poisonous. I have ideas but I’m still curious. Does everyone’s mom tell them they’re handsome or pretty? Mine does. Does that sentence deserve a period? It’s 2 words. Is that 2 correct? Who would have known putting glass in front of your eyes helped you see? I wonder who created words like, lightbulb? I would have called it light protector or light guard. That sounds a lot cooler. This was supposed to be about law because that’s how I keep myself entertained. I feel like if somebody picked a topic then I got to research it, I could debate them. Of course we would have to disagree and also have a judge who would decide who would win. Do people still chicken peck type or is it just me. I’m still hungry. I’m also bored. Why do people clean for fun? The same question could be asked for law or sports but I’m just curious. I’m tired. I typed ik and it thought I meant king. I am sitting in the library thinking about three things, starburst jellybeans, South Park, and lunch. I hope I can win the raffle. Jellybeans, the second best candy at Easter, are the best jelly beans. The best Easter candy is Reese’s chocolate eggs. They have just enough peanut butter that it’s not too throaty but you need a tiny bit of soda, the best being Pepsi wild cherry. Or if you’re at a gas station or movie theater all of them in one cup, stirred with the red plastic straw with a bit of slurpee and candy. South Park is going to have a vaccination special on Wednesday and I’m pumped. The library is set up weird because it has weird lights and a white wall for the projector. Gym class is sooo much fun, as long as you get to go outside. Today we played warrior ball and last week we played capture the flag. I wonder why movies have dodgeball being played. Also in those movies they throw them all at one kid. My confidence would never allow me to get a girl out and I don’t know why. Also I really hope I don’t get a bad grade because I’m “all over the place” because that’s kind of the point. I call it my work. That’s the name “ my work”. Should I change the name? No, distractions is fine. What about TIK TOK, it was supposed to be deleted in August and it’s still a thriving business. I’m getting tired so I won’t rant. To end it here all I want to say is, I really want to be a lawyer.

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