Hope For Tomorrow

This story is dedicated to my grandmother, Ms. Willie Hankins. She is my hero, best friend, and a cancer warrior. We do almost everything together, including cooking classes, spa days, and going to the library; moments such as these mean the world to me. She has a beautiful heart and has instilled in me the […]

A Promise – Haiku

Hopefulness must stay Through the pain and injustice Life will return soon


SHE sits in the classroom, always raising her hand, even if SHE’s not sure of her answer. SHE laughs with her friends by the rusty swing set, always something to say. SHE feels powerful, strong with her ponytail and iron palms. SHE could hold up the world. SHE says, “I am SHE.” “I am proud […]

Conservation of Souls

“Do you believe in God?” “No.” “Why not?” “…” Our legs dangled over the edge of the abandoned iron-wrought bridge, long oxidized after decades under humid weather. The river below was an equal shade of rust from the clay deposits further upstream. The banks were dotted with polished pebbles. Clouds drifted lazily past the late […]

A Dream From the Ashes

In a dark and dreary land, an old man stands below a mountain in a black world. With no memories every day he struggles to survive as he hides from the dark “silhouettes” that call this place home. Hiding from these beings, fervently tries to survive, all the while trying to battle the fierce fear […]

Soda for Julia

Florence swept her thick braid over her left shoulder and walked towards the edge of the bridge, clinging to the space between old and new. The truth was, she had come here every Sunday afternoon after her morning bagel at the shop, even though she knew that she should have gone to her new job’s […]

Grow As We Go

Dear Emilie (c. 2010), There is so much about this world that is difficult to understand. Much of my life thus far has been spent trying to understand how to find my place in it, among the billions of others who walk on the same ground and breathe the same air.   When I was your […]


The cold, evening air brushed across Julie’s face as her shadow lurked behind her. She had begun her routine walk home as usual, but something felt off tonight. She couldn’t help but shiver as she walked along the empty city sidewalks, as she grew more and more paranoid that someone, or something, was walking with […]


The sound of the 6 train always scared those who weren’t paying attention.  It would startle anyone not looking for it to arrive, or those slowly dozing off after a long night.  All suffered that same cycle except for Fin, who was too busy humming music in his head or hitting on women during his […]


Squirrels, sparrows, wind and bees Roam around the empty streets. Swirling falling petals and leaves Kiss the air and dance in peace. Every season has its seeds, And weeks after weeks Hope will grow into trees!

Lincoln Memorial

His eyes, concurrent with his heartbeat, were fluttering shut. He felt as if he was falling in and out of consciousness, with every consecutive breath. The stone ledge probably wasn’t the first place he would choose to respite, but that apparently wasn’t up to him. His body wanted rest, scratch that, it needed rest. It […]

Crossing the Rio Puerco

Every year, when late Spring brought the snowmelt from the San Juans, the Rio Puerco took a victim—just last year, Mercedes Guzman, who managed, in spite of her girth, to clamber out the driver’s side window of her battered minivan before the vehicle surrendered to the charging waters.  But never, in all his 78 years […]

Bagpipe in the Bronx

Wearing his long-sleeved button-down and his trusty suspenders, my 80-year-old neighbor, a lone, brave bagpiper, marches out to the courtyard at 6:45 PM on a sunny Saturday evening and begins his vigil. At 6:50, on the now empty, grassy knoll across the street, an area that would otherwise be filled with kids playing football, he […]

Anyone Can Relate To

Imagine being a character in a book, the story is the world that you live in. You can pick and choose the character whom you desire to be. You experience the same love they express. The same pain they feel. You are that person. You are one. And you wouldn’t know that because you ARE […]