A Journey Through A Baseball Game

A baseball, a white little speckle, spirals towards me as I dig my back foot into the batters box. The ball’s seams appear to be in slow motion, the leather spinning back and forth, but I keep my laser focus as I swing. *** On deck only hoping to not make myself look like a fool. Walking up to the plate, settling in, and staring directly at the pitcher. I talk to myself, saying “watch the ball into the bat, just catch the ball on the barrel.” A few practice swings to get timing down so I won’t be caught off balance.*** The ball travels in the air, no doubter, Home Run! Cheering, Looking At My Dad, High Fiving Coaches, Jumping With Teammates At The Plate. Walking back to the dugout we celebrate, looking as if we just won the World Series. I sit down as I start to take it all in, I just hit my first home run and I want to do it again. But before I can finish my dream, I look at the roster, I’ve been moved to pitcher. This little fantasy is over and its time to start warming up, oh well I’ll just do it again tomorrow. We walk out on the field, as I take the mound, time to start dealing, I think to myself. As adrenaline rushes through my veins in this 1 run lead game, I start to throw harder. Fastball, Fastball, Fastball, everything is working, now all I have to do is get this last final out. My quick fastball, speedy and deceptive, never seems to fail me in the most important situations. So I think to myself “If I already came into the game and got 2 so why can’t I get 3 with another fastball.” As I begin to re approach the mound, re adjust my hat, and put my foot on the rubber, I throw fastballs low to give the batter no chance of hope, if he wants a hit the ball, he’s going to  have to hit a ground ball. I finally strike him out as I march off the mound, now to go home and tell everybody around. My brother, My Dad and I get ice cream to celebrate this athletic feat. We all soon arrived home so I can exclaim to my mom, “I just hit my first home run, you should’ve been there.” I get countless “good jobs” as I walk up the stairs, ecstatic I finally achieved my goal. As I wake up the next morning and start to get ready to play. Thoughts of hitting another homerun, swirl in my head. As I get a water bottle, I start to think about what could possibly happen today. Well, I will find out again in only a few hours.

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