The Tables Have Turned

[Dom Felice] When I first heard of Friar Puccio and his spiritual connection, I knew I had to meet with him. I’m knowledgeable about many things including spirituality. I wanted to see where his beliefs stood. After returning back from Paris with the fellow monks, Friar Puccio persisted in befriending me.

[Friar Puccio] After Dom Felice arrived, I decided to meet him and he truly is incredible. He’s an intelligent, spiritual, kind, and respectable young man. He listens to me and helps with my spiritual dilemmas. I confided in him about my different self-discipline routines including being a member of the flagellants. He praised my loyalty and admired my spiritual journey. 

I’m not satisfied with what I’ve accomplished, I need to keep growing, I wonder if he’s knowledgeable about saintliness? I’ll have to ask him to come over to my house to chat. 

[Dom Felice] Friar Puccio is so persistent, I’ve been to his house multiple times and all he seems to talk about is Saintliness. I do not doubt that he is willing to go to great lengths in order to achieve his goals. However, it’s difficult listening to him because I’m not intrigued with his knowledge of spirituality. The only positive outcome is his wife. His wife sure is beautiful. I can’t seem to stop looking her way. She’s gorgeous, so I guess it’s worth visiting Friar Puccio. I’m going to try to get more time with her, but how?

Hmm, I’d have to come up with something to get him away from her, but what?

[Mona Isabetta] Wow, Dom Felice is a handsome young man. I enjoy his visits for lunch and supper. The glances he throws my way make me feel things that I haven’t felt for years with my husband. He excites me! I wonder if we’ll have time alone together?

[Dom Felice] After speaking with Friar Puccio earlier today at his home, I convinced him to go along with the penance that will have him isolated for hours away from his wife. Haha! Oh, that Friar Puccio is so naive and gullible. He is so curious for more knowledge on being a saint that it has caused him to be blind. He soaked up every bit of information that I gave him about saintliness and how to achieve it. I told him he had to confess his sins, fast, and abstain from all women including his wife. He would also have to get into a crucifix position and pray to three hundred paternosters and three hundred Hail Marys. If my plan goes right he’ll go directly to notify Mona Lisetta of his plans and she’ll know exactly why we need him to do this. If everything goes as planned, I’ll have Mona Isabetta all to myself very soon. 

*A day later

[Friar Puccio] I’m so grateful to Dom Felice for giving me this secret. I’m going to start my penance immediately. Mona Lisetta will be fine without me, she doesn’t understand my need to achieve this spiritual growth. Mona Lisetta and I never saw eye on eye on the importance of spirituality, which is why I can’t let her hold me back. 

[Don Felice] That fool, how could he be this naive. Mona Lisetta will be so thrilled to have me in her presence all to herself. Friar Puccio shall be going to his penance room soon, I should be on my way to their home. 

[Mona Lisetta] As I prepare supper for Dom Felice and me, I can’t help but get excited. I know he’s coming over tonight after my husband leaves to do his penance. I can already imagine his hands around my body, his kisses on my neck, and his gorgeous eyes admiring my body. I can’t wait for him to arrive and remind me what it feels like to be desired.

[Friar Puccio] Here I go to start my penance because of the wonderful Dom Felice! If it weren’t for him I’d be practicing the wrong rituals to achieve saintliness. God bless him.

My dear Mona Lisetta, it’s best for me to pursue my goal of achieving holiness. She doesn’t help with my spiritual growth because she’s not as committed, determined and loyal. It’s better to do this process in this room alone and away from her. 

[Mona Lisetta] Finally my husband has left, Dom Felice will be here any minute. 

*Hours later

[Dom Felice]  This night has been fantastic, better than I had imagined. I satisfied all of Mona Lisetta’s cravings that she had buried away years ago. Even though Friar Puccio questioned what Mona Lisetta was up to for a moment, we didn’t worry. He was so committed to his ritual that he would not have moved away from his room. My dear Mona Lisetta was able to get him back into focusing on his penance. She truly is an amazing woman. 

[Mona Lisetta] Tonight was the best night I have had in years! What Dom Felice and I have is a true connection. Our passion is like no other, we will have to find some way to continue our meetings even when my husband is done with his long penance in forty days.

*Forty Days later

[Friar Puccio] This long penance has been so inspiring and has brought me closer to true greatness and holiness. Dom Felice was a blessing sent my way and I owe him so much for my newfound spirituality. 

[Dom Felice] Oh Friar Puccio how naive you are. For so long we have deceived you in your own home. To be so gullible should not be allowed. You do seem happier, so maybe my presence in this home is actually a positive thing. 

And they continued to enjoy each other’s passion for many more years. Dom Felice and Mona Lisetta thought they tricked Friar Puccio into leaving them alone so they could enjoy lovemaking for the rest of their lives, however, Friar Puccio was the real winner because Dom Felice gave him a reason to be away from his wife and solely focus on his spiritual journey to saintliness. 

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