The Ballad of Scorched Skin

I hate that I fell for the wrong person  With no wrong reasons A time right for me  Yet the farthest for them My feeling now dissipated But I forever see- Icarus’s fate across my surface The reddened relished wrinkled maze Scabbed and scarred as time progressed Of a permanent mark Forever bound onto my […]

Something Like Knowing Nothing

Nothing I know is ever more than barely a fraction of the world. My life, my knowing is but a single frame in the production of the universe. I’ve heard of a man with a storyless name on his wrist and his lips sealed. I will never know him, only of him, because they say […]

Where Does The Road End

Where does the road end, when does the road end Knowledge what I desire that and only that Why can’t i have it  I have climbed mountains scarring my hands Swam in rivers leaving my lungs behind tearing them from my chest to continue my quest Fought kings and queens going against their judgment Been […]

Vlad, Enough Vodka!

As I go down the stairs to the dirty train station, I look back up at the concrete jungle and its tall skyscrapers. Once I smell the urine and see rats fighting over a pizza slice, I know that the double-named city is not what movies so often tend to romanticize. Halfway through my journey, […]

Lost in My Mind

     I.Up from a dream,What is it that brings us back to reality?Is it the birdsong or the sirens or the smell of morning on the breeze? Is it knowledge or hope or somewhere in between? Do you wake for tomorrow or yesterday or the misty lingering dreams?At what point do you let dreamland […]

The Positivity Within Nagging Curiosity

Learning and growing is a part of human life. It allows people to form into the best versions of themselves, which is necessary for achieving your goals and dreams. Having the drive and motivation to gain new knowledge is crucial for this: therefore, the consequences of the pursuit of nagging curiosity are positive.  Knowledge is […]

Dante’s Battle with Demons

Dante was surprised to see Virgil as he was someone he thought extremely highly of. Virgil picked up on this and used it to his advantage. Yet Dante wondered how his very own idol could be standing in front of him. He began to listen to every word Virgil spoke. Soon after Virgil proposed a […]

Curiosity Killed the Dante

[Dante] There is a question I desire most to ask you. Virgil insisted he knew what my question was but I do not trust his judgement. Since we have some time alone to ourselves would you answer me this? [Ulysses] I have conquered many quests, I have travelled across the seas, I know what you […]

Ulysses Speaks to the Children at the Border

Children of the borderland,     intrepid space travelers,     this will not be your last winter.    These painful lights-    hard blinking eyes    of some angry god-    will not shutter suddenly,    enveloping you    in your mother’s embrace.   The desert at your back,      strewn with your patient bundles,   […]


Swishing my wrapped feet along the pools filling up every pothole around me, I breathe. I am alive. Alive thinking about being alive. Thinking about life. What is life? The meaning of it all… What is life? And as I stomp some more, Persistent curiosity dripping down my spine- Curling into balls of sweat, I […]

Things That Lie (abridged)

I click my teeth. I taste my own blood, but ignore the anxiety that all my teeth will fall out.  I would take Diver until more teeth fall out, and I’m just chapped lips and peeling skin, but I would rather have bones and a job, if I can have both. I’m far from having […]

Ripped Tickets

Staring at herself in the mirror. She smiles. Her hair is perfectly curled away from her gorgeous face, her eyelashes are curled and tinted with mascara, her lips are so admirably distracting with the bright red, and not to mention the tan dress she has on. She looks stunning. “Elenore!” A voice calls out. It’s her […]

Grey Areas

She’s at the desk next to me, rummaging through her backpack. After a few moments, she sighs, her brow furrowing slightly.‘I left my pencil in Science, do you have an extra?’‘Sure, here.’‘ Thanks.’ Her hand brushes against mine as I pass it over, and I shiver. It’s a small moment, gone in half a second, […]

Graduation Ideas

     Many people are unhappy because they are not able to graduate traditionally this year and they are missing many fun events that schools have for the end of the year as well. For us eight graders, we are missing out on many things that PGJH (Plum Grove Junior High) has been doing for […]


My sole purpose is find a host and eat my fill People, animals, anything that moves They said they were prepared but this ain’t no drill My spikes and maneuvers, just further proves I’m a global phenomenon, but not in the way you think Celebrities and “influencers” believe I am no threat But I’m a […]

Secret Admirers

Jen and Jim are residents in small town Johnsville. They have known each other for as long as they can remember as they had kindergarten together. Without either of them knowing, they have had a crush on each other since then. Both of them are a bit socially awkward and scared to confront people, so […]

Slay Your Inner Dragon

Caw! Alejandro nearly jumped out of his armor when a bird flew overhead, rustling the leaves and causing a terrible rustling sound. Taking deep breaths, he patted his cheeks and kept walking. “Calm down, Ale…just try to remember why you’re doing this…” Indeed, the young knight had a reason to dive headfirst into this potentially […]

A Pithos is a Wife is an Empty Jar

Marjorie is a Clockwatcher. She sits in a room and watches the Clock. Its face is round and flat. It is white in the middle and brown around the edges. Marjorie watches the Clock and remembers. People come to see her work. They clamber over the hours spilling down her dress, past her feet, staining […]


Why? Why try to wake up when no one will notice you are gone? Why try to act okay when everyone knows you are not okay? My parents tell me to go out and have fun but it’s hard to have fun when you don’t want to have fun. Go to therapy they say, go […]

A Father’s Promise

Feathers collected, golden, revered, lay as still and as delicate as a piper’s fingertips  suspended— just before song. They started in color, russet and ruby, but his skilled hands render them gilded  with steady courage. They gleam, effortlessly,  mirroring the amber sunlight that pools in the lazy morning, settling thickly through the open window. A […]