I see my front yard with the not so green grass  The quiet street with one car parked on it The other houses in my neighborhood Some big Some small I see the neighbors walking in the fresh air My dog barking at all the bypassers thinking he’s protecting my family My mom fetching the […]


Windows. When open, you are led to somewhere outside of the closed space you live in. A breath of fresh air filled with freedom and solitude, or the sound of sirens and cars honking with fury. Curtains spread wide or blinds shuttered upwards. The children outside playing hop-scotch, tag, or jumping on a trampoline, that […]

Everyday is the Same

Everyday. It means, “happening or used every day; daily”. Everyday we watched them. China. Italy. India. Everyday we watched their numbers rise, their people die, their citizens cry. Everyday we watched, we hoped, we prayed, that we wouldn’t be them. Everyday we watched.  Watched it come closer . . .closer . . closer . . […]

De’Kayla Lloyd’s Life 🎥😇

My is life good sometimes. I’m in foster care and so is my little brother. This is my story. So, I was born on Valentines Day, 2006. I got put in foster care March 25, 2020. I am a very good person, sometimes. Kinda depends on the person. I am creative, positive, I don’t let […]

Life is a Struggle

During the past 15 years of my life, I can say I have been through some hard times. My parents are divorced, I’m a foster kid fighting to go back with my mom, I don’t get to see my sister and I’ve got stress disorders that I wish didn’t exist. In a way, though, I’m […]

Here lies, me

“Her life is like a wildflower, different…” I Aimlessly wake up every morning in search of something, anything It is until now, that she realizes she’s indescribably losing her train of thought Yes, her mother means the world to her but why can’t she remember her early days? find an answer. She’s searching quickly, rapidly […]


She has forgotten. Forgotten what the whispers and goosebumps of touch on skin feel like,  forgotten the beauty of the ordinary and all that she used to love about the outside. The walls of normality have shrunk, have turned life into something too brittle and too fragile for her liking. But she is too afraid […]

People for Places

Kirkwood, MO, that’s home to me. The train stations, stores, and restaurants are all so familiar to me. I got memories here that aren’t in Florida or Colorado. I know my people, my family, they’re all here. The landmarks hold memories for us. Like the Ice cream Shop by the train station, we use to […]

The Truth About Happily Ever After

Albert Einstein once said “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.  If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”  Well, I think that’s complete bullshit.  Fairy tales teach kids that every story has a happy ending: Little Red Riding Hood and grandmother both live,  Cinderella […]

7 year tribulation or not?

It is argued amongst Christians if the seven year tribulation of the prophetic end times is a true interpretation. In fact, this futurist view is not the most popular and most believed amongst Christians today. The idea of a seven year tribulation comes from a misinterpretation of Daniel chapter 9 which is a prophecy about […]

Jones Creek

“Let’s go guys, it’s time to go,” my sister said. I rushed down stairs with excitement with my hands full trying to juggle food, towels and my backpack. While packing the car I looked at Hayden as I was about to drop everything, he ran up and helped. My arms relaxed, once everything was packed […]

Be the change you seek to see

I sat up in bed and I saw my mom from my window taking groceries out of the car. She was carrying at least 5 bags and some soda. I was more concerned about the soda than anything else because it’s my favorite kind. I see mom walk up to our creaky front steps and she […]

Between 81st Street

There’s no need for meteorologists when I can just press my fingertips against the crackling black metal trim that absorbs the outer air. I place my hands under, with my palms facing the sky and push the heavy structure half-way up, destroying the boundary between spaces. I poke my head out, exposing it to the […]

It’s What’s Behind the Window

It’s what’s behind the window, that can hurt the most. It’s what’s behind the window that can destroy you. There could be a murderer, or a fire that can hurt the most, that can destroy you. But what if you’re the window? On the outside of the window, you see a beautiful view that brings […]

Parking Space

     It’s a parking space, lady. Tomas mutters this under his breath, though his grandmother’s voice is immediately in his head, scolding fiercely. He is gripping the wheel and it seems to grip back, sticky under his fingers. His parallel parking skills are not great, especially in his dad’s truck, but defiance seems appropriate here. He […]

Ready to Live

She sits with her legs crossed at her desk chair Her back hunched Like the branches of the weeping willow below Its limbs swaying in the wind like strings of silk She types away on her computer The click-clack of the keyboard like the sparrows Funny little things that would land on the roof Pecking […]

The Clouded Window

During the winter it’s like looking through a clouded window. The snow coated ledge slowly melting away. You hear the dripping of droplets as it melts away. But, as it begins to change to spring it becomes clearer. Along with the weather change people do too. You start to see people walking, with family or […]

Camera Lens

The bowl of cereal is cold in my hands, like a block of ice made of milk and sugar.  My dog slippers creak against the wood.  I place my bowl on the wood table, and plop onto the couch.  The sound echos and I jolt up, but it seems no one woke up.  I sigh […]

Tears from the Sky

Prologue Sometimes a flower will wake up in the middle of the night, Lit up by fire Under the pouring rain. Sometimes it is the moonlight that will lead the way To a blanketed field of glistening ice and snow, Under raining flames. I awoke and needed to drown, While water drops plummeted against my […]

The Painting of Self

I prepare to paint To stand out and shine I seize my glue and press it against my thick brown eyebrows I am feminine….?  I ensure each strand is lined up with perfect precision I am pristine….? I flatten my eyebrows down on my face Preparing to erase. Erasing what I did not want Masking […]